What’s up my fellow jewels!precious-1199183_1920

Welcome to my universe. My name is Shaquette but on here call me Carolina Jewel.

What is a jewel? According to dictionary.com, it is a cut and polished precious stone.  It is also a person or thing that is treasured, esteemed, or indispensable.

I created this blog because even precious and polished stones come from some of the dirtiest places.  These stones have to go through a process to obtain their beauty.  Just like stones/jewels, we too become tainted and have to go through different processes to become the treasured gems we are!

In my experiences, I have learned many lessons and I am here to share some motivation and life lessons with you because I too am a work in progress.

Thanks for checking my blog out and, in the words of Lauryn Hill, don’t be a hard rock when you truly are a gem.