Hey my fellow jewels!
I’ve always been fascinated with lions.  My middle name is Leona and it means lioness hence my obsession with lions!
The role of the lioness in her pride is a very interesting one.  We all take pride in knowing that the male lion is known as the KING of the jungle; however, it is the lioness that truly keeps the pride in tact.  Due to her smaller build, she is the hunter.  She possesses skills that allows her to work in a team.  This teamwork allows the lioness to successfully keep the pride up, running, and alive- LITERALLY!
We as men and women can learn from the “King of the Jungle” and his Queen. You know the saying, “behind every strong man is a strong woman.”  I disagree.  Just as the lioness is the center of her pride, just as the queen protects the king in a game of chess, we too as women serve as the backbone to men.
Men, physically YOU are the protector of women. We turn to you to keep us safe, provide a sturdy environment, provide the food to keep us fed. Women, you are the emotional protector of men.  You keep him going when he wants to give up.  You counsel him in decision making.  We are the voice of reason to our men.
Yes you can stand alone, but when you have two standing together, no one or nothing should be able to break you apart.
And also know that when you become divided, you will fall. It takes a team to hold something together. There’s nothing like being on the same team. You cannot have a victory when you’re the only player.
So, for those of you in relationships, marriages, or seeking one, remember that no one is greater than the other in a relationship.  Think of the role of the lioness in her pride. Although she is the esteemed hunter, her proud king still stands behind her and she still treats him as the king he is.
As a reminder, don’t be a hard rock when you truly are a gem.