You’ve heard Beyonce say it.  What goes around comes back around. Karma.


If we believe that we have the power to create our current situations and feelings by our thoughts and actions, then you have to be a firm believer of karma.


If you think and do good, good will return to you.  If you think and do bad, the obvious you will receive in return.


So many people walk around wanting revenge and actually seeking it.  Someone keeps doing the same thing over and over and you are sick of it so you do it back.  The urge for retaliation is so overwhelming that there is no choice but to give in.  But how are we to grow by always playing the game of payback? If this was how life really was, we would forever be wrapped in an entangled web of revenge never to break free.


You aren’t in control of anyone else’s karma.  We see people do bad every day and still see good happen to them.  This may make us question if karma is real or not. Remember, the way people act is their karma; however, the way you react will cause your own karma.  Have you ever been in a situation where you saw someone doing wrong, knew it was wrong, but reacted to them in the same manner just to be the one to get in trouble?  Then you wonder why the other person didn’t get in trouble too.  Well you just received your karma and their karma will come too but at another time.  That’s why we shouldn’t let others cause us to react in a way of our own personal payback but just let the idea of karma handle it.  Two wrongs might make it even, but it sure won’t make it right.


So once you are able to fight the urge to get even whenever people do us wrong, then we can really learn to understand how karma can affect us.


Perhaps you feel as though no matter what route you may take, you just can’t get things to go your way.  You say to yourself “I’m doing everything right, so why is it that I can’t have my way?”  Instead of asking this, take a moment and ask “what have I done to not get what I want?”  Sometimes we do things and then wonder why an event(s) happens to us be it good or bad.  This time of wondering is the time to reflect.  Instead of placing blame on others (because that’s where the impulse to seek revenge comes from), look within yourself and see what the underlying cause of the event was.

Your heart keep getting broken.  Think about the hearts you broke before.

You can’t find a job.  Think about the time you had an excellent job but took it for granted.

For everything that happens in your life, if it makes you stop and wonder why, just take a job down memory lane and think about the time you put someone else in a similar situation. Then seek forgiveness and perhaps move on and pray that your karma from that situation is finally over.


The ability to reflect and correct our actions and behaviors shows growth.  No one is perfect.  Yes we do things that intend to be good or bad. Yes, those intentions can bring good and they can also bring bad. AND YES Karma can be a tough cookie to swallow, but once taken in, it can be a learning experience. If anything, the ultimate goal to take from karma is growth.  Learn from mistakes and mistreatment of others and become better.  Karma is a life teacher and when it comes full circle, being able to experience growth creates a beautiful creature.

Remember, don’t be a hard rock when you really are a jewel.