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Never would I imagine that I would be where I am today.  Standing here, a single mother of two, alone, afraid, and unknowing.  I’ve cried many tears; tears of sadness, sorrow, and depression because of where I am.  Settling for… Continue Reading →

Your Best Love..Self-Love

Have you ever noticed that love is something that can come and go…especially when you are loving the wrong person? But love shouldn’t be that way.  Love should always be there no matter the circumstances.  You will always know love… Continue Reading →

I Know I Can…Believing in Self

I can’t… “I’m a single mom.  Just graduated school.  I can’t get another degree.” I thought to myself. From day to day, we come across situations, tasks, and obstacles that appear too hard to handle or even attempt.  Before ever… Continue Reading →

Karma’s Fulfillment

  You’ve heard Beyonce say it.  What goes around comes back around. Karma.   If we believe that we have the power to create our current situations and feelings by our thoughts and actions, then you have to be a… Continue Reading →

I AM Good…Get that Understood

Hey my jewels! It’s been forever but I am back! Someone once said that the words I AM are “two of the most powerful words; for what you put after them shapes your reality.” I remember first hearing the words… Continue Reading →

Loving Me Unapologetically

I’m continuing my self-series today with a post about self-love. Somebody asked that I talk about the black community and what’s wrong with it, but I’m choosing to not put my people down but to lift us up. I consider… Continue Reading →

The Slow Progression of Independence

Hey Jewels! This week America celebrated it’s independence.  July 4th.  July 5th, two men, at least we think it was only two, lost their lives at the hands of cops – who are supposed to serve and protect the American… Continue Reading →

I AM Gratitude

How is your day going today my fellow jewels!? Thanksgiving is a few months away and I can NOT wait to get my grub on and enjoy my family. I love this time of the year because it serves as… Continue Reading →

The Indestructible Force of Teamwork

Hey my fellow jewels! I’ve always been fascinated with lions.  My middle name is Leona and it means lioness hence my obsession with lions! The role of the lioness in her pride is a very interesting one.  We all take pride… Continue Reading →


What’s going on jewels?!   I decided to break down the word self-determination.  The suffix ‘tion’ means the act of; the prefix ‘de’ means out of; the root word term is the exact meaning or a word to describe someone;… Continue Reading →

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