I can’t…

“I’m a single mom.  Just graduated school.  I can’t get another degree.” I thought to myself.

From day to day, we come across situations, tasks, and obstacles that appear too hard to handle or even attempt.  Before ever giving it shot, we give up before even attempting to take it on.  We say “I can’t. I can’t get that job.  I can’t be happy.  I can’t write that paper. I can’t.”  If we knew the role we played in our own motivation and success just by having self-belief, we would hesitate more before saying I can’t. Sometimes I’m quick to tell others they can do it, while I’m slow to tell myself I can in my situations.  But if we constantly think “I can’t” and never try, we will never know.

I think I can…

“Quette there’s this free opportunity for you to receive a masters in teaching. You can do it!” I thought to myself.

No one will be able to motivate you like you.  In the tale, The Little Engine that Could, a supervisor asked all the other engines if they could move a heavy train.  They all said I can’t.  When he got to the smallest engine, he was offered a different response.  “I think I can.”

How will you know if you can get a job, be happy, or write a paper, if you keep saying “I can’t?”  Our thoughts create our universe.  Our thoughts push us along.  Our thoughts keeps us going.  When you think “I can’t” you are saying “I’m not worthy of trying.”  When you see a job offer say “I think I can get the job.”  When you want to become happy say, “I think I can be happy.”  When you are discouraged about writing that long term paper, say “I think I can write an amazing paper!”  We become our thoughts.  Thinking you can is the first step into achieving what you want to achieve.

I think can, I think I can, I think I can…

“Classes have started.  You’re working full time and you get to do what you love.  I think I will be able to do this.  It’s not so bad.” I thought to myself.

The first thought of “I think,” is the first push into being successful.  Once the little engine said, “I think I can,” he went and gave the task that the other powerful engines thought was impossible a try.  He didn’t stop at the first thought, however.  He had to keep pushing himself.  He kept repeating “I think I can.”

You, like the little engine, have to constantly push yourself when you start that difficult task.  Remember, YOU are your biggest motivator!! That simple push that you give yourself, and that constant reminder that you can, will keep you going.

Slowed down, I think I can…

“I’m tired.  You are gone 18 hours out the day.  You barely have time for your baby.  But I’ve started this journey and I’ll be finished soon.”  I thought to myself.

Sometimes when we get going, the task begins to get harder.  We begin to slow down.  You might even want to give up.  The little engine slowed down too; however, he didn’t give up.  Our will and persistence may run slow at times, but if the thought that YOU CAN remains, nothing, I mean NOTHING, will stop you.  You will just reach your end result a little slower, but the main thing here is…you’ve reached your end result.

I thought I could, I thought I could

When you finally accomplish that goal that at first seemed as though it was too hard, the feeling is amazing.  When I first started my masters program, I needed a push.  I had just had a baby.  I didn’t think I would be able to work full-time, attend classes full time, get work done, and still manage being a mommy.  However, teaching and helping kids was a dream.  A way was made to help me accomplish my dream. The thought that I could complete this goal was all the motivation I needed.  The day I walked across the stage for graduation, was the day I realized my “I think I can” became “I thought I could.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, our thoughts become our reality.  Shift your thinking from “I can’t” and take it to “I think I can.” Don’t give up on your goals.  Keep pushing yourself.  Remember the little engine that could.  You are that little engine and you will never know what you are capable of until you start thinking “I can.”

Remember, don’t be a hard rock when you truly are a gem.